Saturday, November 20, 2010

French Fries

We were on the way home from out of town tonight when we passed a Wendy's. Stephen commented how good some hot, steaming, fresh Wendy's french fries would be. I ignored him because eating out is not a necessity for us, and we really can't afford to eat out every time we have the urge. But after thinking about it a second, I said, "I bet I can make those." As soon as the words came out of my mouth I thought, "Uhhhhhhh..... why did I say that?"

Behold, the best homemade french fries you will ever have. I made up this recipe which is why there are no measurements and everything is guesswork. But trust me. So good and so much cheaper than fast food.

oil (I used veggie because it was open already)
garlic powder
salt (I used both sea salt and kosher salt; couldn't tell the difference between them; it was an experiment)

Slice up the potatoes. See on the left side of the picture? I sliced some of mine in wedges and some in "french-fry" style just to have a variety. Just remember, the thicker they are, the longer they will take to cook.

I made two bowls to dip the potatoes in. I covered just the bottom of the small bowl (these were custard dishes) with oil, sprinkled (pretty moderately) with salt (again, one bowl was sea salt, one was kosher salt), and just a dash of garlic powder (it can be pretty overwhelming). Any fries that were small enough to dip, I thoroughly dipped in the bowls. Any that were too large I slathered with the mixture with a brush.

Into the frying pan! I put about 1/2-inch of oil in the skillet and warmed it while I was chopping the potatoes. You want to hear that sizzle when you throw the fries in!

Just fry and flip a few times! Should take around 4-5 minutes for one batch. Serve fresh!

Thumbs UP! Stephen said these were some of the best fries he's ever had and definitely compared to restaurants. It's much cheaper to make your own, although it is time consuming. But trust me, these are WORTH IT!

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